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Simultaneously a scientific technology, a device for documenting historic events, and an artistic medium, photography transgresses any easy definition or categorization. Since its invention, photography has continually evolved, and, along the way, it has profoundly changed how we understand our world and our place in it, how we remember, and how we communicate. At the SCRC, historians of photography will find a wealth of material spanning from specimens of 19th-century photographic processes to 20th-century photographically and photo-mechanically illustrated books. In terms of manuscript material, we hold the papers of several photographers including renowned photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White and art photographer Howard Bond. Photographic processes represented in our collection include albumen prints, glass-plate negatives, lantern slides, silver gelatin prints, and Polaroids, as well as other technologies used by contemporary photobook artists. Additionally, we hold significant runs of popular and underground periodicals that reflect the impact of photo-mechanical processes on American print culture.

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Audio and Visual Materials

Many of the photography and photojournalism collections include audio and visual materials. In particular, see:

Rare Books and Printed Materials

Printed materials related to the history of photography and to photojournalism exist in many formats: illustrated books, magazines, journals, and ephemera. Notable items in our holdings include: Carleton E. Watkin's 1863 Black Women's Beige Surface Lovely Bag Wallet Printed Clutch Yosemite Valley, Margaret Bourke-White's 1931 Eyes on Russia, Julia Margaret Cameron's 1893 Alfred, Lord Tennyson and His Friends, and the first edition of Robert Frank's The Americans.

Useful search terms to locate these items in the catalog include "photobook," "photomechanical," "albumen," "photographs," "pictorialism," "photography, artistic," "photo-secession," "photojournalism," "street life - photographs."

When searching the catalog, set a search limit to "Special Collections" to find materials located in the SCRC.

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Women's Lovely Surface Printed Wallet Black Clutch Beige Bag
Beige Bag Black Lovely Surface Wallet Women's Clutch Printed wUxqT5BYg Beige Bag Black Lovely Surface Wallet Women's Clutch Printed wUxqT5BYg Beige Bag Black Lovely Surface Wallet Women's Clutch Printed wUxqT5BYg
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There is nothing ordinary about you, so why should you choose an ordinary wallet? Consider instead, this women’s wallet with its lovely printed surface. It is rectangular in shape, and features a strap that snaps in front with a silver colored metal snap for secure closure. This wallet is made from our premium quality engineered leather. It is difficult to distinguish this fine product from genuine leather, because it has the same look and feel. However, our engineered leather is 100% cruelty free, is more durable and is easier to take care of. The exterior of the wallet features a lovely printed surface over half, and a solid, classic black over the other half. It is traditionally rectangular in shape, and will fit into most handbags.